B.C. to Continue Wolf Cull, Despite Warnings It Won’t Save Caribou

Heartwood director Daniel J. Pierce wrote an article for The Narwhal (formerly DeSmog Canada) about the continuation of the wolf cull under the BC NDP government – despite warnings from scientists and conservation groups that this alone will not save caribou from local extinction.

Despite widespread condemnation from conservation groups and scientists, the B.C. government is set to continue shooting wolves from helicopters in an attempt to save endangered mountain caribou herds from local extinction in the South Selkirk, South Peace and North Columbia herd areas.

The wolf cull is happening in conjunction with other measures to try and stem the decline of mountain caribou herds, including maternity penning projects and restricting snowmobiles in some critical habitat.

“The wolf cull, maternity pens, it’s all part of the talk-and-log process that’s going on,” says Craig Pettitt of the Valhalla Wilderness Society. “We know damn well that the caribou need habitat and, as we talk, they are logging their habitat.