Heartwood explores coastal communities Standing Up To Big Timber And Fighting For A new forest paradigm in british columbia.

On the west coast of British Columbia, First Nations and coastal communities are uniting to take back control of their local forestlands from an industrial behemoth that has reduced our coastal temperate rainforests to scattered remnants. A diverse movement and a growing consensus is spreading up and down the coast – that the way forestry is done in this province is simply not working for the vast majority of its citizens – environmentally or economically.

Against a backdrop of runaway climate change and indigenous awakening, B.C. is a microcosm of a world in crisis. With our ancient forests depleted and the demands of the global market becoming ever more vociferous, communities are taking a stand against foreign investors with no connection to the land. These tenacious citizens will lead us deep into the woods to show us why their forests are worth saving and how they feel forestry should be done in B.C.

Check out our video gallery to dig deeper into THE ANCIENT FOREST MOVEMENT and sustainable forestry on the coast of B.C .

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