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How Vancouver Island lost 90% of it's prime old-growth temperate rainforest.

In Part 1 of this new 3-part mini-series, we explore the endangered old-growth forests of Vancouver Island. Despite the reality that less than 10% of the prime, low-elevation old-growth remains on the island, these forests continue to be converted into second-growth tree farms, We unpack what the loss of these forests means for biodiversity and for coastal First Nations, who have depended on these ancient forests for their culture and survival since the last Ice Age. We also get a sneak peak of Part 2.

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Heartwood director Dan Pierce pitches Heartwood as a multi-platform web series for Telefilm's Micro-Budget Program.



Heartwood is a multi-platform documentary series that explores the past, present and future of forestry in British Columbia. Through the lens of Cortes Island, a community that is at the forefront of both the ancient forest and sustainable forestry movements – we follow parallel threads of resistance to industrial logging and the shift to sustainable forestry that is bubbling up from the grassroots in BC. We also veer off to other coastal communities engaged in similar forestry conflicts and initiatives.



Heartwood director Dan Pierce coming to you from his cabin in the woods of Cortes Island with the latest updates on the  Heartwood documentree.



Heartwood director Dan Pierce sits in a sunbeam on Cortes Island and pitches this project to the world as a limited series.


Teal-Jones Group has proposed eight new cut-blocks in the highly contentious Central Walbran Valley, home to some of the finest stands of old-growth red cedar on Southern Vancouver Island. But a group of dedicated activists have drawn a line in the sand that they are willing to use their bodies to defend if necessary.


Powell River has been fighting for its urban forests, which are slated to be logged by Island Timberlands. I.T. has been at the forefront of many forestry conflicts on the west coast of British Columbia, from Cortes Island to Port Alberni to Powell River.


Since 2011, the Watershed Forest Alliance has been focused on protecting the last pockets of old growth on Island Timberlands' private forestlands around Port Alberni, Vancouver Island. They are also pushing for an end to industrial logging in the community's watershed, where the citizens of Port Alberni get their drinking water. But Island Timberlands has the legal right to log all of these contentious areas and the BC government has taken no interest putting forward any money to purchase these lands. The Watershed-Forest Alliance is calling on Island Timberlands to halt logging in these old-growth forests so that the funds can be raised to purchase these lands. 


BC's Ancient Forest Movement is a diverse coalition of First Nations and settler communities, youth and elders, unions and businesses, which is united against industrial scale logging of old-growth forests on Vancouver Island and the coast of BC. For more info visit: and


An interview with Robert Morales, Chief Negotiator for the Hul'qumi'num First Nations Treaty Group, about the E&N Railway Land Grants and the lasting repercussions of this massive "land grab" for the Hul'qumi'num people. To learn more, please visit You can read more about this on the Common Sense Canadian as well. 


Chief James Delorme of the Klahoose First Nation reflects on their partnership with the non-native forestry co-op on Cortes and presents part of his vision for the Community Forest and the economic future of his people. 


In a historic announcement, the BC government has granted the Klahoose First Nation and the Cortes Island Community Forest Co-Op a Community Forest tenure on 3,700 acres of so-called “Crown” or public lands on Cortes—a deal 20 years in the making. 


Tosh has lived on Cortes Island for most of his life, learning how to live on the land and be a good forest steward. But when Island Timberlands announced their plans to log on Cortes, Tosh joined the movement to try and stop them. 


BC Timber Sales has issued the logging contract for Maurelle Island, despite the concerns of local tour guides that their input has been largely ignored. Eco-tour guide Mike Moore takes us on a journey through the Lower Okisollo channel to see the new log dump and logging road that has recently been punched in on Maurelle. The Lower Okisollo is one of three unblemished corridors that the Discovery Islands Marine Tourism Group has been fighting to protect for its tourism value, along with Hole in the Wall and White Rock Pass. 


Eco-tour guide and professional sailor Mike Moore takes us out for a journey through the Discovery Islands on his yacht, Misty Isles. He shows us some of the last remaining untouched corridors in the area— and some that have already been scarred by industrial logging. Only three corridors in this high-traffic recreational area remain unlogged. But all that is about to change in the next year. The Discovery Islands Marine Tourism Group is calling on the BC government for a moratorium on industrial clear-cutting in these picturesque viewscapes.

CORTES Island ANCIENT FOREST #4: The WHaletown Commons

Artist, educator, and naturalist Oliver Kelhammer takes us into the proposed Whaletown Commons. We discuss the need for the local government to exercise its right to 'Eminent Domain', so that the Whaletown Commons can be conserved as park land for the benefit of the people.

Cortes Island Ancient FOrest #3: The Delight Lake Watershed

Woodworker Fred Savage and biologist Sabina Leader-Mense take us into the Delight Lake Watershed—also known as Green Valley—a vital water purification area for the inhabitants of Cortes island. Fred's kids spot some woodland critters and a mysterious tree fort along the way. This forest is in Island Timberlands' immediate logging plans.

Cortes Island Ancient Forest #2: The Children's Forest

We take a winter walk through the Children's Forest with a group of young Cortesians and their teacher, Christine Robinson. At the mouth of Carrington Lagoon, this area has numerous ecological and recreational values that the Cortes community very much want to retain. Therefore, they have created the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes island, in order to raise funds to be able to purchase these lands from Island Timberlands.

Cortes Island Ancient Forest #1: The Basil Creek Watershed

Cortes Island activist and biologist, Sabina Leader-Mense, takes Wilderness Committee Vancouver Island campaigner, Torrance Coste, on a tour of the Basil Creek Watershed—a spectacular grove of unlogged, ancient forest, and the very first area on Island Timberland's cut-block.

Tzeporah Berman at ForestFest 2012

ForestFest was a music festival & activist convergence that took place over the weekend of August 25 on Cortes Island, BC in response to Island Timberlands' impending plans to industrially log on Cortes. The festival brought internationally renowned speakers and activists, many of whom live on Cortes, such as Tzeporah Berman, Zoe Blunt, and Rex Weyler. The intention was to spark a conversation about peaceful direct action in the face of huge corporate interests, and to send a message to Island Timberlands that Cortes is and always will be "socially inoperable".

Messages for Island Timberlands from ForestFest 2012

A few of the attendees of ForestFest 2012 have some words to say to Island Timberlands, an industrial logging company that is slated to begin logging Cortes this Fall.

INtro to Heartwood & Lamme Land

Meet Dan, the filmmaker behind Heartwood as he describes his vision for the documentary.

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