What's At Stake: Cortes Island

This is a map of Cortes Island. The areas highlighted in red are owned by timber giant Island Timberlands.

NOTE: Area D, the Whaletown Commons, has since been purchased by the Strathcona Regional District and protected as a park, a big win for the Cortes Island community.


This is a map of Vancouver Island created by the Sierra Club of B.C. with the most recent data on old-growth forest liquidation on the west coast. Over 90% of the most productive ancient forests on Southern Vancouver Island with the biggest trees have been logged over the past century.

Rainforest At Risk Map.jpg

Meet the Film Creators

Daniel J Pierce, Director/Producer

Daniel J. Pierce is a filmmaker with eight years of documentary experience. He has a history of making films that explore the dynamics of people coming together to create change within their communities, particular indigenous and settler communities uniting in defence of the natural world.

Dan’s first film, The Hollow Tree – which was licensed to CBC Documentary and Knowledge Network – got him started down the path of exploring the backwoods and coastal communities of BC to reveal what is happening in our coastal forests. While his first film was about the citizens of Vancouver trying to save a dead tree, it is only logical that his next film would be about people taking a stand for living trees.

Heartwood is Dan’s third feature. What began on Cortes Island in January 2012 has spiralled outwards to many other communities and forests on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast – from Port Hardy, to Powell River, to Port Alberni, Hul'qumi'num territory, Pacheedhat territory – and beyond. 

Cari Green, Executive Producer

Cari Green is a film and television producer with over twenty-five years experience in production and a background in distribution, sales and marketing. She has produced over twenty award-winning feature documentaries, including The Corporation and Scared Sacred. Her latest production, When I Walk – which explores filmmaker Jason DaSilva’s personal, gruelling and transformative journey with multiple sclerosis – was invited to Sundance 2013, where it was picked up for theatrical release.

Cari has produced many award-winning films with First Nations filmmakers, including The Washing of Tears. She developed the Global Women's Memorial website and authored a report on the status of women in the independent film industry. An advocate for Canadian film, Cari has served on many boards and was recognized with an award from Women In Film. She’s been teaching at Vancouver Film School since 2006 and recently completed her MFA in film production at the University of British Columbia.

Alexis Stoymenoff

Alexis was first introduced to Cortes Island’s forests while working as an environment reporter at the Vancouver Observer, where she collaborated with Daniel to co-produce a series of articles and videos about the community’s resistance to clearcut logging by Island Timberlands. Her personal experience with wilderness and the forestry industry stretches back years – she spent four seasons working as a tree-planter in northern BC, in addition to a brief stint as a mountain pine beetle surveyor in Alberta.

After moving to Vancouver to complete her Master’s degree in journalism, she became a freelance reporter/producer and worked on projects spanning a variety of media platforms including print, online, radio, documentary film and television. Since 2012, Alexis has worked as a communications and engagement specialist in the nonprofit sector, first with the Wilderness Committee and more recently at West Coast Environmental Law.

Brittany Baxter, Designer

Brittany is an artist + designer specializing in creating brands for award winning films. Her passion for visual storytelling is rooted in a desire to help depatriarchalize, decolonize, and deindustrialize our cultural narrative, helping us to reclaim our relationship with our natural world.

Ramshackle Pictures

Ramshackle Pictures is a full-service production studio and independent documentary producer formerly based in Vancouver but recently relocated to Victoria, BC. Ramshackle specializes in providing heartfelt visual storytelling for charities, NGOs, and grassroots movements. Ramshackle provides services in story consultation, video production, direction, editing and post-production at any scale or budget. In addition to commissioned works, Ramshackle also develops and produces original multi-platform documentaries.