Old-Growth Under Threat | Schmidt Creek, Vancouver Island

Recently Heartwood director Dan Pierce took a flight in a Cessna over the Schmidt Creek valley on Vancouver Island, one of the last old-growth rainforests left on the eastern part of the island. This valley is in close proximity to the world renowned orca whale rubbing beaches of Robson Bight. However, this area is currently being targeted for logging by BC Timber Sales – the BC government's own logging agency.

Environmental groups are concerned that logging on the steep slopes in these areas could destabilize the soil and harm nearby rubbing beaches. The BC NDP government made a promise to take a "scientific approach" to land-use planning, "using the Great Bear Rainforest as a model." It's time for the BC government to save what little is left of the old-growth forests on Vancouver Island and begin the transition to sustainable, second-growth forestry.

Be sure to turn the sound up or listen on decent headphones as this video features the powerful music of Michael Red and Jenny Lea.